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With almost twenty years serving retail jewelers across the US, Classic of NY (Classic Imports) is a true one-stop shop for exquisite and affordable jewelry pieces that will please the most discerning of women.

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Reyes del Mar translates to Kings of the Sea and was founded by second generation jeweler Luis Reyes. This line of sealife and nautical designs is an extension of his passion for fishing and the ocean. Family owned and operated, our studios are in Miami, Florida. RdM is committed to handcrafted quality and the feel of true luxury. A RdM piece will give you a lifetime of satisfaction."

Gabriel & Co. Bridal Engagement and Wedding Rings are among the finest in the world. They offer exceptional craftsmen individually handcraft each ring with careful attention to detail and styling. Our diamond selection process guarantees superior quality, as each stone is thoroughly examined by an expert gemologist. Our bridal collections offer a variety of styles, as well as the flexibility to alter elements in order to create a unique heirloom. Additionally, custom-made rings can be created by our designers, so you may have a ring that is as rare as your relationship.

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ELLE is a brand that makes fashion accessible and speaks to feminine, positive and self-confident women. Embracing these values, ELLE Time & Jewelry helps women express their true personal style, the message and the image that a woman wants to send about herself. Our Jewelry and Time pieces are designed to perfectly complete a woman’s silhouette and to enhance her individuality.

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